15 Weeks

This week we had our gender reveal for family. As I wrote last time, Manley and I found out on Monday that baby is genetically normal and what their sex is. There were going to be a lot of emotions with either a boy or girl, so we felt the best option for us was to find out privately. But, we still wanted to do something fun to share it with everyone else.

As you can see in the video below, we’ve got a bunch of balloons. All of them but one are filled with white confetti. The other is filled with either pink or blue confetti. Everyone was given a pin, and even we didn’t know who had the special balloon! I thought it was a really fun and exciting way to announce while still taking the pressure off of us to “react”. It’s kind of hard to see the colored confetti in the video, so you’ll want to listen with the sound on 🙂










We are having another little boy! We’ve chosen Orson Henry as his name. Orson means “bear cub” and we really are enamored with our Little Bear already.

To close things out, I wanted to share this post I made in my pregnancy after loss group. It was written last week just after we had picked out his name.

“I’ve had a lot of feelings since finding out on Monday that we are having another boy. Last night my husband and I were going through a baby name app and the name Orson came up. It wasn’t one we had considered or seen on any of the lists we’d scoured over, but it “clicked” immediately for us.

Our oldest son’s name is Easton, he passed away the day before he turned 7 months old. Today I searched “Orson and Easton” mostly to hear Google read the names back to me. I found this special edition of Ender’s Game, written by Orson Scott Card and published by Easton Press.

For almost 25 years, the names of my little boys have been sitting on a page together  I’ve struggled so much with feeling like we’re replacing Easton by having another boy. But at least for today, for right now, I feel peace about loving them both.”

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