Don’t Offer Me Your Kid

Don't Offer Me Your Kid

People can say a lot of stupid things, especially when they’re uncomfortable. Fertility struggles, grief, real life makes people uncomfortable, I get it. Here’s some common “I don’t know what to do with my hands” word vomit that you should really avoid saying. This post is marinated in some very pungent snark, so mind your toes. “You’ll get pregnant again.” And? My child died. There is no replacement. I hope and pray every single day we will get our rainbow, but[Read more]

Dealing with Anger without Regret

Something hit me yesterday. Okay, two things hit me. One was a cat falling on my face at 5 in the morning. He apparently thought he could fit on our headboard, or he might just be a jerk. I’m pretty sure he’s just a jerk. But let’s talk about that other thing. The one that managed to catch me more by surprise than Mr. Thinks-he’s-still-tiny Elliot: anger. Not just damn cat falling on my face at 5 in the morning but real, deep,[Read more]