3 Ways Miscarriages Changed My Marriage

The moment I saw those two lines for the very first time. It hit me. Love. Waves of love. I would have died for my child then and there. I didn’t need to meet them. I didn’t need to know who they would be or what they would accomplish. That was my baby, my child. The one we had dreamed about, prayed for. It isn’t the same moment for everyone, but for us, it was immediate.

Our New Normal, the Nursery Box, and Other Updates

Today is one month since Button was born. Mr. Man is the only person who’s noticed. For everyone else, life has carried on. His death was just a blip, a bump in the road. February is a new month! There are other things to be excited about. Be happy.  I tried, really, I did. I failed. Yesterday I took a pregnancy test. There was a smudge of a line. I’m now pretty sure it was a dye run. We bought[Read more]