Bumpdate: Weeks 27-29

Week 27: The Bump How big is baby? According to my apps, he should be around 2 pounds and 14 1/2 inches long. Movement? He had a lot of lazy days this week. I was pulling the doppler out quite a bit! Weight gain? Gained another 2 pounds, so I am up 6 from my starting weight. Stretch marks? Yes, they just keep coming. Gender? Still all boy! Any cravings? Nothing in particular, just very hungry. How am I feeling?[Read more]

Manage Bills with Google Keep

Last week, I covered what our budget is and how we live on $1,800 every month. But knowing what is coming in and what is going out is only half the battle. The other half? Making sure those bills get paid! This can be a bit tricky and overwhelming, especially if, like us,  you get paid more often than once a month. I’m going to show you my easy system for keeping track of when to pay, what to pay,[Read more]

Free Cleaning Printables

Pinterest- the best/worst thing on the internet. There’s so many ideas, but on the other hand, there’s so many ideas(maybe even too many? Gasp!) If there’s one subject Pinterest never fails to come through on (other than all of them, of course), it’s cleaning. I’ve gathered together a few of my favorite cleaning tips, tricks, and graphics. The best part? They all come with a free printable! So print some (or all!) of these out, stick them somewhere useful, and let’s[Read more]

Our Real Budget: Living on Just $1800 Monthly

UPDATE: Hey there! You can see the update to this post by clicking here. If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know that we went down to only one income at the end of 2015. In the nine months since then, we’ve narrowed down how much we spend and where. This is what our budget looks like for each month: So now that you know what I’m working with, let’s talk about it. What I like: Everything gets paid. That[Read more]

To the Grieving Mother on Her Baby’s Due Date

I am so sorry. Big deal, right? Everyone is sorry. I can’t tell you when it will get easier. It doesn’t. But I can tell you this: you are doing enough. Some people will never know the strength it can take just to open your eyes in the morning, but we do. If that is the only thing you can bring yourself to do today then please understand you have already gone above and beyond what anyone should expect of you. You’re supposed[Read more]

10 DIYs To Help You Pretend You Have It Together

10 DIYs to make you feel like you have it all together

It’s back to school time! Pens, storage bins, calendars, and a host of other goodies litter the shelves at every store. They whisper to you with their promises of scheduling, budgeting, and organizing. The only thing standing between you and the life you’ve always dreamed of is a cute planner and matching highlighters. So you fill up your shopping cart with the entire back to school aisle, set up all your new things, get overwhelmed, and completely drop all of it by week 2. Sound familiar? This cycle gets[Read more]

My Fall Maternity/Postpartum Wardrobe Wishlist

Maternity & Nursing Fall Wardrobe Wishlist | The Fun Part

August is now in full swing. You know what that means? Other than being the one time out of the year you regret not having stocks in the school supply business, fall is just around the corner! Autumn is absolutely my favorite season (I’m basic, I know). The colors, the holidays, the weather, I just love all of it SO MUCH. But my favorite part? The clothes. Accessorizing/layering during summer in Alabama is not an option. Already scorching temperatures mixed with the[Read more]

Powerful Quotes for Pregnancy After Loss

Powerful Quotes for Pregnancy after Loss | The Fun Part

One of the hardest things to do after any great pain is opening up. As humans our natural response to pain is to recoil, to pull back, to hide. There is no pain that compares to the heartache of losing someone you love, especially your child. So when your rainbow comes along, even if they are wanted, planned, prayed for, it can feel easier to recoil. To ration your love in little pieces. Or, to withhold it entirely. To keep your hopes low until[Read more]

Bumpdate: Weeks 25 & 26

Bumpdate! Weeks 25 & 26 | The Fun Part

Week 25: Glucose Tolerance Test & Follow-up Ultrasound with MFM My glucose test actually happened late in week 24. Man, it was difficult. My doctor does the 2 hour one standard due to false positives on the shorter one. I was so nauseated the entire time, and I felt like rubbish for the rest of the day. The good news is I passed, so that’s one less thing to worry about. At exactly 25 weeks we had our follow-up with the specialist to finish[Read more]

How to Get Stuff Done (When All You Want is a Lazy Day)

Get Stuff Done |The Fun Part

Some days, all that sounds good is cozying up in bed with a good movie and doing nothing. But as fate would have it, those days tend to pop up on the days where that isn’t an option. Responsibilities. Blah. The next time you’re tempted to scrap any potential productivity for a day of nothingness, use this list to stay on track and maybe, just maybe, you can have your cake and eat it too. #1 Make a list &[Read more]