What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag (Free Checklist!)

As I hit 34 weeks this week, I’ve decided it’s about time I start getting serious about preparing to meet this little dude. That means washing clothes, prepping diapers, and of course, getting our bags ready. Deciding what to pack in your hospital bag can be tricky as you’re trying for that balance between too much and too little. I especially felt this pressure since our hospital is a 45 minute drive from home which means forgetting something entails Mr. Man leaving[Read more]

Bumpdate: Week 32

  Week 32: Baby Shower! How big is baby? Assuming he’s gaining around 1/2 pound every week, he should be a little less than 5 pounds now and around 19 inches long. Movement? Lots! He likes to stick out what is either a foot or a knee near my belly button. It’s such a cool feeling! Weight gain? Yes, sort of. I gained 8 pounds in two weeks. My doctor (and legs!) tell me it seems to be almost all fluid retention.[Read more]

Books for the Bump: Reading to Baby While Pregnant

Reasons to read to your baby while pregnant

Reading to baby while pregnant can have many benefits for you as well as your baby. Take some time out of each week leading up to delivery to read to your bump. You’re not only introducing a great time for bonding, you’re laying the foundation for a habit that can benefit them the rest of their life! Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive compensation if you purchase something from the links included.  Reasons to read to[Read more]

Facebook Pages for Bereaved Parents

There’s a common sentiment amidst the loss community that we have a responsibility (and opportunity!) to help those who are just beginning their journey through grief. Facebook pages are a great route to do this. Some serve as communities, resource centers, or even just memorials of loved ones. I have compiled a list of my favorite Facebook pages for bereaved parents. Each of these are pages that I have followed for a while and feel like may be of help[Read more]

Make Your Own Cleaning Schedule: How & Why

At the start of August, I felt like something needed to change. With Easton’s due date rapidly approaching, The Fun Part gaining momentum, and the start of a new school year, my workload was only going to get worse. And yet, I already felt SO overwhelmed. Keeping the house clean tended to fall on the back burner and was a huge source of stress for me. So, I decided to once again try a cleaning schedule. I had done so before,[Read more]

Making a Command Center Shelf (From Baseboards!)

Getting the nursery ready has been quite a challenge. With the indestructible pink fern wallpaper alone, we’ve had (and still have!) our hands full. Another aspect of his room that proved to be a problem is the trim. It was barely attached to the wall, weird looking, and since they apparently didn’t have the right kind of saw, improperly cut. The good part? It’s huge. Like, I’d never seen baseboards this thick. Maybe I just haven’t  seen enough baseboards, who can[Read more]