Our Story

My name is Marissa. I grew up in a small city in Alabama. I headed to college in 2013 where I met my husband and my best friend. In July of 2015, we got married and immediately began trying to concieve. I began The Fun Part in January of 2016. After our second pregnancy loss within 6 months, we discovered I had the MTHFR mutation as well as low progesterone.

We then welcomed our rainbow, Easton James, on November 7, 2016. Almost seven perfect months of long nights, dirty diapers, and so much love. But on June 6, 2017, our baby boy passed away in his sleep. After many months of waiting, we were told that the cause of death was determined to be a congenital heart defect that he had been diagnosed with at two month. This lead to more questions than answers for us, and one day I hope to be able to write it all out.

Our Family

Along with our littles in heaven, our family includes 2 cats (Elliott and Pookah) and our dog, Harley. Orson Henry, our second little boy, made his appearance on May 18, 2018. Testing both before and after his birth have shown Orson does not have the CHD his father and big brother share.