Beating the Odds?

As of today, the Powerball jackpot is up to 1.3 billion. Pocket change, right?
The chance of winning is 292.2 million to 1.
I’m all about statistics, when I’m worried, researching, trying to make a decision, it’s the first place I go. Since at least 6 months before I could convince Mr. Man to get on board with going ahead and TTC, I have been a walking plethora of statistics.

It is guesstimated nearly 50% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. This factors in chemical pregnancies, where many women don’t even discover they are pregnant before they miscarry.

“Here’s your positive pregnancy test, and here’s your drawing for an early miscarriage, 1 in 5’s a winner! Come back and downgrade in 4 weeks when you see a heartbeat. We’ll be here until 24 weeks!”

After you see a heartbeat, your chance of miscarriage falls from 20 percent to less than 5 percent. I waited 4 weeks for that jump, I just knew, if we could see a heartbeat, we were in the clear. Our baby would have a 95% chance of surviving. Before our ultrasound, I felt so nauseous. This was it, either everything was perfect or it wasn’t. I never once thought that we could see a little heart contracting at 130 bpm and things NOT turn out okay.

But they didn’t turn out okay. We won. Woo.

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