Breastfeeding with a Low Supply

Breastfeeding with a low supply is power pumping.

It’s lactation cookies & lactation brownies & lactation smoothies & lactation drinks.

It’s knowing what galactagogue means.

It’s searching the word “how” and being autocompleted with “to increase milk supply”.

It’s fully understanding your dislike of oats.

Breastfeeding with a low supply is weighted feeds.

It’s counting wet diapers, counting poops, counting swallows, counting grams.

It’s hoping to pump enough to cover the bottom of the bottle.

It’s pumping between feedings for two days and having exactly sixteen milliliters to show for it.

It’s freezing half an ounce in a five ounce bag.

It’s knowing you have exactly 6 hours’ worth of milk in the freezer.

Breastfeeding with a low supply is an emergency can of formula.

It’s crying in the breastfeeding support group.

It’s an unopened pack of nursing pads. 

It’s never feeling your milk come in. 

It’s more than just “trying harder”.

It’s being a light to other moms.

It’s knowing that some is better than none.

Breastfeeding with a low supply is worth it.

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