The Big Catch-Up Bumpdate: Weeks 12-24

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Week 12: The Bump & NT Scan13702343_1230010770344580_1531790714_o

How big is baby? The size of a lime, at just over two inches long and half an ounce.

Movement? Nothing yet.

Weight gain? I’ve actually lost about three pounds.

Maternity clothes? Yes! A pair of maternity shorts from Old Navy are my best friend. Still wearing normal shirts.

Stretch marks? No new ones, but my existing ones are darkening and very itchy!

Gender? I feel it could go either way. Definitely a 50/50 chance.

Any cravings? Mama Rosa’s Mini Mamas Pizzas. Mr. Man refused to drive to the next state over to get me some.

How am I feeling? Very tired. Not much “morning sickness” but having occasional nausea.

Any nursery progress? Nope. Nothing. Mr. Man and I agreed we would wait to start anything in the nursery until 14 weeks. We have discussed a few theme options.

News for this week: We had our nuchal translucency screening (ultrasound) this week. Everything was in normal range, and we got some adorable videos of Squirtle moving.


Week 15: It’s a BOY!

My birthday present this year was a private ultrasound. In the week leading up to the scan I had become more and more convinced that Squirtle was definitely a girl. When we were told that he is a boy I was so surprised! Mr. Man and I had picked out a girl and boy name so we could officially name our little one right there. Shortly thereafter we posted this announcement to Facebook:


So yes, our little boy’s name is Easton James. We finally went with this one as it has ties to both mine and Mr. Man’s grandfathers. Also, I’m still not over the name Easton. I found it through a baby name site and instantly fell in love. It took a bit longer to get Mr. Man on board, but he came around eventually. Now I don’t think either of us could imagine calling him anything else!

Week 20: Anatomy Scan

I would be surprised if Mr. Man and I were to create anything other that a little ball of attitude, and that is exactly what we have. Easton had no interest in showing any part of himself off (other than his junk, of course, because boys). It took quite a while for our tech to get what she needed, and she had to jump around quite a bit. He perked up during the last few minutes, which was good, as we likely would have had to come back had he continued to snuggle up to the placenta. He weighed fourteen ounces! The best part was getting this adorable picture of his feet. I tear up looking at them sometimes, he’s just so perfect.



Week 22: Echocardiogram with the MFM

Because of our previous losses and Mr. Man’s heart condition (aortic stenosis), my OBGYN referred us to a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist. We had our NT scan done with her at 12 weeks, as well as some first and second trimester chromosomal screenings, all of which came back clear! Our 22 week appointment with her was just an echocardiogram to look at Easton’s heart and they redid the measurements taken at our anatomy scan.

Keeping it consistent with last time, Easton was completely uncooperative. The ultrasound ended up lasting two hours, and they still did not manage to get everything they needed to see for his heart. From what he would let the technicians(the first lady had to call for backup) see, he seems to be growing perfectly. We go back at 25 weeks to try to finish the echocardiogram. He weighed a whopping one pound and two ounces!

Bumpdate 12-24 weeks | The Fun Part


Week 24: The Bump & Viability!


How big is baby? Almost a foot long, around the size of an ear of corn. He going by his weight at 22 weeks he should be around a pound and a half now.

Movement? So much! I have just started being able to see him move from the outside, and Mr. Man can feel him kicking!

Weight gain? Overall no, but I have gained back the few pounds I lost, so I’m at my starting weight again.

Maternity clothes? Yes. Mr. Man’s clothes have also been a life(and money) saver!

Stretch marks? Quite a few now.

Gender? Still all boy!

Any cravings? Chocolate milkshakes from McDonald’s; steak; movie theater popcorn

How am I feeling? Soooo tired. Lots of round ligament pain as he is sitting very low. I still get sick pretty much every day, and Tums are my savior.

Any nursery progress? SOME of that dreadful wallpaper is gone. We have the paint for his room bought, but obviously we can’t do anything with that until we get the walls bare. I’m honestly considering hiring someone!

News for this week: I designed the baby shower invitations this week and am hoping to get them ordered very soon. We still have one more registry to do and need to polish up the existing ones. Also, we are done with 4 week appointments! We will see the regular OBGYN this week, MFM at 25 weeks, and then 28 weeks starts 2 week appointments with my OBGYN! ALSO also, 24 weeks means we have reached viability. Not that Easton is close to ready to come out yet, but we are far enough along doctors would try to save him should preterm labor happen.

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