Bumpdate: Weeks 25 & 26

Bumpdate! Weeks 25 & 26 | The Fun Part

Week 25: Glucose Tolerance Test & Follow-up Ultrasound with MFM

My glucose test actually happened late in week 24. Man, it was difficult. My doctor does the 2 hour one standard due to false positives on the shorter one. I was so nauseated the entire time, and I felt like rubbish for the rest of the day. The good news is I passed, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

At exactly 25 weeks we had our follow-up with the specialist to finish up his ultrasound. Of course he was uncooperative again, but we did finally get the remaining pictures they needed for his heart. But- they couldn’t get a good view of part of his brain so we will be going back AGAIN. As I told the ultrasound tech, we’re just going to get ALL THE ULTRASOUNDS! I can’t really complain, because getting to watch him grow this much is so reassuring and amazing. The best part was we got a couple of 3D pictures and even though they aren’t amazing- he’s still a little too early and was in a terrible position- you can make out his adorable little face. I’m pretty sure he has his daddy’s nose.

25 week ultrasound | The Fun Part

Week 26: The Bump

How big is baby? I completely forgot to ask how much he weighed at the last ultrasound, and I am still kicking myself for that one. All my apps say he should be measuring in at around 2 pounds and roughly 14 inches long!

Movement? Not as much as I would expect. He’s had quite a few lazy days recently where I realize it’s been a moment since I’ve felt him moving so I worriedly pull out the doppler to make sure all is well. I think he may just have his dad’s appreciation for napping.

Weight gain? I am up 2 pounds from my starting weight now, so hopefully my doctor will stop asking if I am actually eating. Trust me, I am.

Maternity clothes? They’re basically an obligation at this point, AND some of my maternity tops are already getting too short. I’m trying to stick through it until I can start wearing more autumn-ish clothes.

Stretch marks? Almost all of my new ones are on my right side. I do feel like my strategy of getting sun on my belly is helping with visibility. I might be a little too welcoming of them, but stretch marks mean Easton is growing and that is all that matters in my book.

Gender? Still all boy!

Any cravings? Nothing unusual this week. I’ve really been trying to limit how much soda I drink, so that’s always a rough transition.

How am I feeling? Uncomfortable. He is still staying as low as he will fit. Most days I’m convinced he’s attempting to punch his way out, but the positive to that is he is already head down and I am hopeful that he will stay in that position.

Any nursery progress? Not much, but- I did finally “invest”($6) in a wallpaper scorer. Hopefully that will mean the end of the wallpaper so we can start painting. I’m starting to really feel the clock ticking away on when we need to be finished with this part of preparing his room so I actually have time left to decorate.

News for this week: Goodbye second trimester! At the end of this week we’ll be off to the final trimester, AND we have hit 100 days until his estimated due date. The start of August means fall is just around the corner and as much as I love fall, my excitement for the season this year has hit an all time high. I am beyond ready for pumpkins, chilly weather, and way too much orange.

The baby shower invites arrived this week, and I am hoping to have them out before this post is even published. Just another reason to get. his. room. done!

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