Bumpdate: Weeks 27-29

Bumpdate: weeks 27-29

Week 27: The Bump

How big is baby? According to my apps, he should be around 2 pounds and 14 1/2 inches long.

Movement? He had a lot of lazy days this week. I was pulling the doppler out quite a bit!

Weight gain? Gained another 2 pounds, so I am up 6 from my starting weight.

Stretch marks? Yes, they just keep coming.

Gender? Still all boy!

Any cravings? Nothing in particular, just very hungry.

How am I feeling? Absolutely exhausted. A full night’s sleep seems to be a thing of the past for me.

Any nursery progress? A little bit more wallpaper is gone.

News for this week: Nothing new really. I’m so excited to be in the third trimester. Only 3 months to go!

Week 29: The Bump & MFM Ultrasound

How big is baby? Easton is measuring 3lbs and 6oz! He is only 2.5 pounds less than I weighed at birth.

Movement? Lots. He can now kick the computer off my belly. It really took me by surprise the first time it happened.

Weight gain? I lost 2 pounds from 27 weeks, so I am up a total of 4 pounds from my starting weight. Definitely all baby.

Stretch marks? Yes. Thankfully some of the first ones I got are already starting to fade.

Gender? Still all boy!

Any cravings? Chocolate milk, but I can’t drink it. I’ve tried a few times to give in and it always makes me so sick.

How am I feeling? Excited, but very uncomfortable.

Any nursery progress? Still working on it! My goal is to have the wallpaper off and painting finished by the baby shower. I guess we’ll see~

News for this week: We had another ultrasound with the specialist this week. They checked fluid, movement, and breathing. It took him a while to visibly breathe (doc said this is normal!), but he eventually did. We got some ADORABLE 3D pictures! He definitely has his daddy’s nose. We go back again in a month for another scan, but so far he is looking absolutely perfect.

Easton James

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