Bumpdate: Week 32



Week 32: Baby Shower!

How big is baby? Assuming he’s gaining around 1/2 pound every week, he should be a little less than 5 pounds now and around 19 inches long.

Movement? Lots! He likes to stick out what is either a foot or a knee near my belly button. It’s such a cool feeling!

Weight gain? Yes, sort of. I gained 8 pounds in two weeks. My doctor (and legs!) tell me it seems to be almost all fluid retention. Everything else still looks good so not much of a concern but very uncomfortable.

Stretch marks? I’ve had another influx of stretch marks, but I’m not stressing over it. Just a sign baby boy is growing!

Gender? Still all boy!

Any cravings? My appetite has dwindled quite a lot, so not really. However as I write this, some movie theater popcorn DOES sound delicious.

How am I feeling? Like an over-inflated marshmallow.

Any nursery progress? FINALLY!!! There is NO more wallpaper and all walls are painted. We still have to add a second coat to one wall and do the trim. I have cried actual tears of joy over this. On top of that, he now has a crib and a changing table! We took a trip to Ikea this week, and even though it took an entire day, it was so worth it!

News for this week: Yesterday we had our first baby shower. We got lots of cute clothes for Easton and had so much fun! We go to see the specialist again at 33 weeks and will get another ultrasound then.

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