15 Weeks

This week we had our gender reveal for family. As I wrote last time, Manley and I found out on Monday that baby is genetically normal and what their sex is. There were going to be a lot of emotions with either a boy or girl, so we felt the best option for us was to find out privately. But, we still wanted to do something fun to share it with everyone else. As you can see in the video[Read more]

14 Weeks

As I write this, I am officially 14 weeks. Which also means I am uncontesdedly in my second trimester. There’s a lot of disagreement over when the first trimester ends and the second begins. Some say it is at 12 weeks, as that is developmentally significant and your risk of miscarriage drops dramatically. But, the main argument seems to lie in between 13 and 14 weeks. If you divide 40 weeks of pregnancy by 3 trimester, you get 13.33333. So[Read more]

37 Weeks Pregnant: How to Tidy the House and Dress Up for Your Husband

Step 1: Come to the gross realization you haven’t showered in a bit. Or changed out of your pajamas. Or put on deodorant. Take a moment to appreciate your saint of a husband who has yet to stage an intervention. Step 2: Decide you will show your appreciation by showering, putting on some real clothes, and straightening up the house. Make plans to greet him at the door with an amazing dinner on the table. Lay out your perfect cute-but-comfy outfit.[Read more]

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag (Free Checklist!)

As I hit 34 weeks this week, I’ve decided it’s about time I start getting serious about preparing to meet this little dude. That means washing clothes, prepping diapers, and of course, getting our bags ready. Deciding what to pack in your hospital bag can be tricky as you’re trying for that balance between too much and too little. I especially felt this pressure since our hospital is a 45 minute drive from home which means forgetting something entails Mr. Man leaving[Read more]

Bumpdate: Week 32

  Week 32: Baby Shower! How big is baby? Assuming he’s gaining around 1/2 pound every week, he should be a little less than 5 pounds now and around 19 inches long. Movement? Lots! He likes to stick out what is either a foot or a knee near my belly button. It’s such a cool feeling! Weight gain? Yes, sort of. I gained 8 pounds in two weeks. My doctor (and legs!) tell me it seems to be almost all fluid retention.[Read more]

Books for the Bump: Reading to Baby While Pregnant

Reasons to read to your baby while pregnant

Reading to baby while pregnant can have many benefits for you as well as your baby. Take some time out of each week leading up to delivery to read to your bump. You’re not only introducing a great time for bonding, you’re laying the foundation for a habit that can benefit them the rest of their life! Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive compensation if you purchase something from the links included.  Reasons to read to[Read more]

Bumpdate: Weeks 27-29

Week 27: The Bump How big is baby? According to my apps, he should be around 2 pounds and 14 1/2 inches long. Movement? He had a lot of lazy days this week. I was pulling the doppler out quite a bit! Weight gain? Gained another 2 pounds, so I am up 6 from my starting weight. Stretch marks? Yes, they just keep coming. Gender? Still all boy! Any cravings? Nothing in particular, just very hungry. How am I feeling?[Read more]

My Fall Maternity/Postpartum Wardrobe Wishlist

Maternity & Nursing Fall Wardrobe Wishlist | The Fun Part

August is now in full swing. You know what that means? Other than being the one time out of the year you regret not having stocks in the school supply business, fall is just around the corner! Autumn is absolutely my favorite season (I’m basic, I know). The colors, the holidays, the weather, I just love all of it SO MUCH. But my favorite part? The clothes. Accessorizing/layering during summer in Alabama is not an option. Already scorching temperatures mixed with the[Read more]

Bumpdate: Weeks 25 & 26

Bumpdate! Weeks 25 & 26 | The Fun Part

Week 25: Glucose Tolerance Test & Follow-up Ultrasound with MFM My glucose test actually happened late in week 24. Man, it was difficult. My doctor does the 2 hour one standard due to false positives on the shorter one. I was so nauseated the entire time, and I felt like rubbish for the rest of the day. The good news is I passed, so that’s one less thing to worry about. At exactly 25 weeks we had our follow-up with the specialist to finish[Read more]

Summer Pregnancy Must-Haves

Summer Pregnancy Essentials | The Fun Part

You can’t always choose when you’re going to be pregnant, and you definitely can’t decide the weather. When having a summer pregnancy, beating the heat isn’t just a way to stay comfortable, it’s important for the health of you and your baby. Here’s some of the things that I would never do pregnancy in the summer without: Snoogle  I honestly might love this pillow a little too much. Even before pregnancy discomforts started setting in, my Snoogle was basically the only thing[Read more]