My Favorite Apps for Tracking Fertility

We all know an app won’t get you pregnant, but it can be a huge help. Along my TTC journey, and even before, I made my way through a few fertility and period tracking apps. By a few, I mean upwards of 10, at least. At one point I had 7 installed on my phone, and I was actively filling out all the info on them every day. Don’t be like past me. With that said, these are the four apps I would[Read more]

The Big Catch-Up Bumpdate: Weeks 12-24

Week 12: The Bump & NT Scan How big is baby? The size of a lime, at just over two inches long and half an ounce. Movement? Nothing yet. Weight gain? I’ve actually lost about three pounds. Maternity clothes? Yes! A pair of maternity shorts from Old Navy are my best friend. Still wearing normal shirts. Stretch marks? No new ones, but my existing ones are darkening and very itchy! Gender? I feel it could go either way. Definitely a[Read more]

Pregnant Again: Symptoms, Story, and Ultrasounds

On February 27th, after 5 days of testing entirely too early, there it was. The faintest of faint lines. Shaking, I immediately showed Mr. Man. “I think I see it!”. At least 65 more pregnancy tests, 10 blood draws, and 3 ultrasounds later, here we are. Today, I am 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant. We have named our newest little one Squirtle. Did I do anything different? My plan was to take it easy. I was basically out of ovulation tests (I[Read more]