Facebook Pages for Bereaved Parents

There’s a common sentiment amidst the loss community that we have a responsibility (and opportunity!) to help those who are just beginning their journey through grief. Facebook pages are a great route to do this. Some serve as communities, resource centers, or even just memorials of loved ones. I have compiled a list of my favorite Facebook pages for bereaved parents. Each of these are pages that I have followed for a while and feel like may be of help to other grieving parents.

I’ll be adding more to this list periodically. So, if you have any suggestions or a page that has helped you, please be sure to let me know.


Facebook Pages for Bereaved Parents

The MISS Foundation, having been around for 20 years and counting, offers Counseling, Advocacy, Research, Education, & Support(CARES) to grieving families. Their Facebook page serves as a place of community and understanding for those who have lost a child at any stage of life.

Still Aware, also found at stillaware.org, is Australian based. Their purpose is not only to support grieving parents, but also to raise awareness about stillbirth statistics and the importance of third trimester monitoring.

Invisible Mothers is specifically for “Mothers who have lost their babies and have no other living children”. The page is managed by author Emily Long, who has two books on loss as well that you can find here.

On Coming Alive is an odd one on this list, as it is not solely for loss parents, or even for loss survivors at all. Instead, On Coming Alive is for anyone who has gone through any sort of pain or trauma. It is an outlet for survivors of all kinds to share their stories on how they have and continue to not only survive, but once again see the beauty in life. It was launched early this year by Lexi Behrndt. Her blog, Scribbles and Crumbs, happens to be the first I found for grieving parents. I finally noticed that so many of the articles I had seen shared on other pages and loved were coming from the same place. I absolutely love Lexi Behrndt’s writing, and it played a huge role in inspiring me to start The Fun Part.

 Still Standing Magazine offers support for both loss parents and those struggling with infertility. Their website regularly features work from a number of different authors.

Footprints on Our Hearts is a community for bereaved parents, with a focus on miscarriages and stillbirths. They regularly share articles and stories dealing with these topics.

The name of Miscarriage and Child Loss Awareness and Support pretty much says it all. One thing that sets this page apart is that they do custom graphics in remembrance of lost loved ones for free. This includes making drawings for parents who never got to see their little ones. Although the work can be a bit slow, the amount of time and consideration put into each really makes up for it.

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