My Fall Maternity/Postpartum Wardrobe Wishlist

Maternity & Nursing Fall Wardrobe Wishlist | The Fun Part

August is now in full swing. You know what that means?

Other than being the one time out of the year you regret not having stocks in the school supply business, fall is just around the corner!

Autumn is absolutely my favorite season (I’m basic, I know). The colors, the holidays, the weather, I just love all of it SO MUCH. But my favorite part? The clothes.

Accessorizing/layering during summer in Alabama is not an option. Already scorching temperatures mixed with the humidity of a sauna are the perfect combination to… motivate you to go inside. My summer outfits are always the bare minimum- shorts, shirt, shoes, done. So during the summer, my style(I use that term loosely) suffers.

Enter fall and it’s finally cool enough outside to wear complex outfits. A whole new array of accessory options show up. That cute scarf? Go for it! Layering that cardigan? At least you won’t die!

But yeah, I love fall. And this year I have even more to look forward to since Easton is due early November. On top of needing maternity clothes to accommodate this belly and my continually shrinking ability to reach my feet, I’ll also need outfits for postpartum that are forgiving as well as being nursing friendly. I don’t know when/if I’ll be pregnant again, so my maternity specific clothing plan has been “buy as little as possible”, and I plan to continue with that.

I’ve been eagerly planning my wardrobe for this fall, and here’s what has made my wish list:

1. Riding Boots

So maybe swollen pregnancy feet and boots aren’t the BEST mix, but I love the look of riding boots. Plus, I have to have wide calf boots anyways. I have my eyes set on these from JCPenney.

2. Durable Leggings

My thighs have a very close relationship. It doesn’t matter where I am, they’re together. While I totally appreciate this, it’s awful for my pants. Recently I’ve gotten into a cycle of buying the cheapest leggings and wearing them until they fall apart. Wash, rinse repeat.

This year I am determined to get a few nice pairs and hopefully stop having to head back to the store for more every few weeks.

3. ALL the Cardigans

Back when I was working, I got a few cardigans as I realized they were a great way to look professional and cute. Going from college classes to a church daycare required a certain finesse in choosing outfits.

I really love how versatile cardigans are. Put them over a dress, tank top, t shirt, anything, and it adds a whole new level to the outfit. Also when paired with a nursing tank, they allow easy access for breastfeeding!

4. Layering Tank Tops

You can never have too many of these. I’ll be getting a few that are maternity (these look great!) and at least a week’s worth of normal ones.

5. Infinity Scarves

I have every intention of breastfeeding sans cover, but do I want to show as little skin as possible. I love that an infinity scarf can offer some coverage for tops that aren’t as nursing friendly while still being cute.

6. Button-down Dresses

Another item with breastfeeding in mind. I’m all about that easy access. Plus, a good button down dress is so versatile, especially in denim. Dress it up, dress it down, add as many layers as you want. This is one piece that you can wear from fall until spring without skipping a beat.


Maternity & Nursing Fall Wardrobe Wishlist

Boots | Leggings | Tank Top 1 | Tank Top 2 | Dress | Cardigan | Scarf

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