My Favorite Apps for Tracking Fertility

The Best Apps for TTC | The Fun Part

We all know an app won’t get you pregnant, but it can be a huge help. Along my TTC journey, and even before, I made my way through a few fertility and period tracking apps. By a few, I mean upwards of 10, at least. At one point I had 7 installed on my phone, and I was actively filling out all the info on them every day. Don’t be like past me.

With that said, these are the four apps I would recommend to anyone looking to chart their fertility.

kindara logoKindara Fertility Awareness

(Free: Android; iOS; website)

kindara devices kindara screen shot

When I first started learning about Natural Family Planning, this is the app I used. It has settings for both avoiding pregnancy and getting pregnant. One of the most useful features this app has is the knowledge base, which covers just about everything you could need or want to know about fertility signs and charting. There is also a community where you can share your charts for feedback, support, and help. You can customize what signs you chart, which allows you to be as detailed as you want. On top of all this, Kindara makes their own basal body thermometer called Wink. You can sync it to your phone so you never have to enter temps manually!

dn-google                             dn-apple



p trackerPeriod Tracker

(Free, $1.99 for Deluxe: Andriod; iOS)

iPhone Screenshot 2

This was my very first period app. I have over five years of cycle information stored on it. The free version is great for keeping up with general symptoms and just tracking the dates of your cycle. The paid version offers lots of customization options, as well as advanced fertility charting and pregnancy tracking. I have the free version, and while it is not the most detailed for trying to conceive, it works great as my backup storage. Other apps come and go, but Period Tracker has been on my phone since I started high school.





glow logoGlow

(Free with optional subscription: Android; iOS)

Daily Health Log Glow - Ovulation & Fertility- screenshot

One of my favorite things about Glow is the community. It is fast moving and has a wide variety of topics and forums that extend past TTC. It also has a feature to add your partner so they can enter data, receive updates on where you are in your cycle, and even engage in forums just for them.

dn-google dn-apple




Fertility Friend

(Free with optional subscription: Android; iOS; website)

Fertility Friend is by far the most in-depth app on this list in terms of analysis. If you plan on tracking BBT(basal body temperature) I would definitely say this is the essential app to use. You can customize what symptoms you track and compare your chart to other users. Fertility Friend also helps to take the guess work out for you and lets you know when you likely ovulated.

dn-google dn-apple

If you’re new to TTC apps, I highly recommend downloading all four of these to use as a starting point. You may find only one app works for you, or you may be more comfortable using a combination. Stress is detrimental to fertility so if you begin to feel overwhelmed keeping a daily log of everything try to scale back.

To check out my chart and symptoms from our positive in February click here.

The best apps for tracking fertility | The Fun Part


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