Pregnant Again: Symptoms, Story, and Ultrasounds

On February 27th, after 5 days of testing entirely too early, there it was. The faintest of faint lines. Shaking, I immediately showed Mr. Man. “I think I see it!”. At least 65 more pregnancy tests, 10 blood draws, and 3 ultrasounds later, here we are. Today, I am 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant. We have named our newest little one Squirtle.

Did I do anything different?

My plan was to take it easy. I was basically out of ovulation tests (I only had 3!), it was our first full cycle after losing Button, and since we were moving, I feared I may not even ovulate or it would happen late. Instead, it came a day early. I took a gamble on having two days of positive OPKs and only tested every other day. Luckily I won. I am assuming I ovulated on February 17th, but I didn’t feel it this time. As I’ll go over later, Squirtle measured on par for that at our first ultrasound but since then has been measuring a day later.

ff chart bfp squirtle

You might notice on my chart that around 4 days past ovulation, my “take it easy” plan started to panic me. I freaked out that I wasn’t temping. I doubted I had even ovulated since I hadn’t felt anything. So, I started temping and tracking signs like crazy. I also started checking my cervix. I may have had a temperature spike around implantation, but I have no way of knowing, since I didn’t start temping early enough.

I do think that I felt implantation this time. It felt like someone was pulling a string through my lower left abdomen. Definitely a very strange feeling. I felt it maybe 3 more times before 4.5 weeks.

Progesterone Problems

My hCG with Squirtle has been rising perfectly the whole time. We started out with a doubling time of 30 hours, which I was so thankful for. After my second draw, the nurse mentioned that my progesterone had gone from 14 to 13. She said that was still in normal range and that it can fluctuate. I asked for another draw to confirm it was just fluctuating and was not decreasing. I had that blood work done on March 7th. They never called me with my results, so I assumed my progesterone was fine.

At my first appointment on March 16th, I asked what my results had been. My progesterone had dropped to 9 and no one contacted me. I was furious, but I was also scared. I requested to be but on a progesterone supplement. My doctor refused, still attributing it to a fluctuation, and that a healthy range was between 5 and 25. One of the nurses told me that she would supplement if I began to bleed. That seemed like too late for me. I didn’t bleed with Button until he was already gone. So, I began my search for an over the counter progesterone supplement and a new doctor. I did ask for them to check my progesterone again in the meantime.

The one good thing from that appointment was getting to see Squirtle. Right on track with my initial calculations, we were measuring at 6 weeks exactly with a heartbeat of 104.

6 week u/s
6 weeks

After asking around online, I found a great compounding pharmacy to get some progesterone cream. While I was still looking for a new office, the nurse called me with my results. My progesterone had dropped to 8. I asked once again to be prescribed a supplement and was told no. She also spouted off that she knew the doctor had already talked to me about fluctuations. I said, “This is not a fluctuation, this is a drop!”. I continued making calls to different OBGYN offices and was able to get in on March 22nd for another ultrasound. There was Squirtle again, a day behind of growth, with a heartbeat of 133. I’m pretty confident the slow down in growth was due to low progesterone not giving our little one enough room to grow. This new doctor, along with the nurses, was appalled that my last had refused to supplement. She immediately gave me a prescription for Prometrium, which I will stay on until 12 weeks.

6w5d u/s
6 weeks 5 days

My next appointment was my official new OB appointment. We went over genetic testing options, history, what to do and not do, all the normal things. Squirtle’s heartbeat was down to 120ish. The ultrasound tech could not get a great read on it, I am pretty sure she was either new or recovering from amnesia. Sadly I didn’t realize this until we were basically finished and the tech that we had last time came in to make sure she had measured my cervix. She hadn’t. Either way, the heartbeat should be increasing right now, rather than decreasing. There is around a 15 bpm variation since the brain is not developed enough to regulate the heartbeat.

7w6d u/s
7 weeks 6 days

I’m definitely concerned about this, so we are getting a private ultrasound on April 4th to make sure all is well. I have been looking for the heartbeat with my doppler, unsuccessfully, but that could easily be because it is still so early.

For those who didn’t see on Facebook, this is the announcement we did at 6 weeks!

Squirtle's Announcement

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