Making a Command Center Shelf (From Baseboards!)

Command Center Shelf

Getting the nursery ready has been quite a challenge. With the indestructible pink fern wallpaper alone, we’ve had (and still have!) our hands full. Another aspect of his room that proved to be a problem is the trim. It was barely attached to the wall, weird looking, and since they apparently didn’t have the right kind of saw, improperly cut. The good part? It’s huge. Like, I’d never seen baseboards this thick. Maybe I just haven’t  seen enough baseboards, who can tell. Either way, I didn’t want to let these huge pieces of wood go to waste, so I’ve been looking for projects to use them in. The first of these projects being a command center shelf for the living room.

At the apartment we had a makeshift command center using a rolling cart, but that setup just doesn’t work in the house. But Mr. Man has a knack for losing his wallet and keys, so we desperately needed a “drop space”. I’ve had my eye on a shelf for a while now, and have looked at basically all of the command center pins on Pinterest. Since I knew what I wanted, but had never really built anything prior to this, I wasn’t very confident in how it would turn out. However, I have to say I’m incredibly pleased.

I would rate this project at a beginner level. As long as you’re familiar with using power tools safely, this is a project anyone could complete. It took us an afternoon to complete and install, including letting glue and paint dry, with maybe 2 hours of actually working.

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Here’s what we used:

  • Circular saw
  • Drill
  • Stud finder
  • 1 Baseboard, originally ‘ long
  • 10 Wood screws
  • White paint
  • Wood glue (I recommend using Gorilla brand. Get it here)
  • Sandpaper, 60 grit
  • 6 Single hooks (we used these)

How we did it:

So I totally failed on getting a good before picture, but this is what the baseboards looked like when they were on the wall. I’d like to add they aren’t white but are a very light pink.

Making a Shelf from Baseboards


The first thing we did was settle on how long it would be. We used another piece of trim (we have A LOT of loose trim around the house right now) to judge what would look right. It ended up being around 45 inches.

Using the circular saw, we cut two boards to the length we’d marked out and then cut three small triangles. I would recommend using a different saw that’s better for more precise cuts if you have access to one. We actually cut about five triangles but used the best three. Here’s what our cut wood looked like:

Displaying Shelf DIY

The original plan was to screw the two larger pieces of wood together, but we soon figured out that was next to impossible. Getting the boards lined up how we wanted was not working, so off to the store we went. Once we got some wood glue, things worked out so much easier. We glued the two pieces together and left them to dry for about an hour. While we waited on the two larger pieces to dry, I sanded down the triangles and smoothed out their edges. I also sat the triangles in place (and moved them 100 times or so) to figure out their positioning. Our intention was to glue them as well, but because they were not cut perfectly the didn’t make enough contact for the glue to work.

Displaying Shelf DIY

Once the glue was dry, we screwed in the triangles with one screw on the back and top. Then, I sanded down the edges of the main pieces and started painting. It took about three different coats to really get rid of the pinkish hue they had.

After spending the next 30 minutes looking for the stud finder that had ended up away from our tools (and another 30 minutes remembering how the heck to use it!) we marked out where the studs were on the wall. We had the option to use three, but after getting both sides done it seemed unnecessary to add a third.  Two screws for each stud ended up being necessary since it wobbled a bit with only one.

I should take now to brag on our little drill. We hadn’t used the thing since probably December of last year, I don’t know the last time we charged it, and it didn’t die on us until getting this far into the project. Even then it recharged quickly! I would say that was $20 well spent, especially since I assumed we’d have to replace it after one or two uses.

Displaying Shelf DIY

The next step was adding the hooks. I debated doing them in a staggered pattern, but ended up just doing a straight line. I’m tempted to add two more to each side, but I am going to wait and see if we really need them.

Displaying Shelf DIY

And that’s all folks! Since we had everything but the glue and the hooks, our total cost for this project was only $8! I’m going to add more decorations (and a cuter calendar!) once we decide on living room furniture.

Command Center Shelf

We still have a lot of that trim left, so I’m looking around for ideas on what else to use it for. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

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