Summer Pregnancy Must-Haves

Summer Pregnancy Essentials | The Fun Part

You can’t always choose when you’re going to be pregnant, and you definitely can’t decide the weather. When having a summer pregnancy, beating the heat isn’t just a way to stay comfortable, it’s important for the health of you and your baby. Here’s some of the things that I would never do pregnancy in the summer without: Snoogle  I honestly might love this pillow a little too much. Even before pregnancy discomforts started setting in, my Snoogle was basically the only thing[Read more]

Bittersweet: A Letter to My Child with Wings

My sweet baby, How do I tell him? Do I ever explain that he is only here because you are not? He will surely notice. Even now, every time I look at him I search for you. How much worse will it be when I find myself looking past his eyes, trying to find some small piece of you inside of him to hold onto. I desperately want for you to be him, just you sent back to us. Your first trip[Read more]

My Favorite Apps for Tracking Fertility

We all know an app won’t get you pregnant, but it can be a huge help. Along my TTC journey, and even before, I made my way through a few fertility and period tracking apps. By a few, I mean upwards of 10, at least. At one point I had 7 installed on my phone, and I was actively filling out all the info on them every day. Don’t be like past me. With that said, these are the four apps I would[Read more]

The Big Catch-Up Bumpdate: Weeks 12-24

Week 12: The Bump & NT Scan How big is baby? The size of a lime, at just over two inches long and half an ounce. Movement? Nothing yet. Weight gain? I’ve actually lost about three pounds. Maternity clothes? Yes! A pair of maternity shorts from Old Navy are my best friend. Still wearing normal shirts. Stretch marks? No new ones, but my existing ones are darkening and very itchy! Gender? I feel it could go either way. Definitely a[Read more]

Facing My Fears: Writing in the Good Times

Facing my fears: writing in the good times | The Fun Part

It’s been a while, I know. In February when we got that positive test, I could feel it setting in. Happiness. Along with it came something I never expected. My ability to write was essentially paralyzed. During the next two months, I spent hours sitting at the computer trying to string words together. Increasingly I had less and less to show for the time I was putting in. I was terrified to open up about our life. What if I jinxed us?[Read more]


Today marks the first day of Resolve’s National Infertility Awareness  Week. This year’s theme is #StartAsking. 1 in 8 couples will have difficulty in getting pregnant or sustaining pregnancy. 1 in 8 is more than just a number: It’s me, it may be you. It is our friends, our family, and our children. Now is the time to #startasking. To start asking for support To start asking for treatment To start asking for insurance coverage To start asking for reproductive health[Read more]

Pregnant Again: Symptoms, Story, and Ultrasounds

On February 27th, after 5 days of testing entirely too early, there it was. The faintest of faint lines. Shaking, I immediately showed Mr. Man. “I think I see it!”. At least 65 more pregnancy tests, 10 blood draws, and 3 ultrasounds later, here we are. Today, I am 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant. We have named our newest little one Squirtle. Did I do anything different? My plan was to take it easy. I was basically out of ovulation tests (I[Read more]

3 Ways Miscarriages Changed My Marriage

The moment I saw those two lines for the very first time. It hit me. Love. Waves of love. I would have died for my child then and there. I didn’t need to meet them. I didn’t need to know who they would be or what they would accomplish. That was my baby, my child. The one we had dreamed about, prayed for. It isn’t the same moment for everyone, but for us, it was immediate.