37 Weeks Pregnant: How to Tidy the House and Dress Up for Your Husband

Step 1: Come to the gross realization you haven’t showered in a bit. Or changed out of your pajamas. Or put on deodorant. Take a moment to appreciate your saint of a husband who has yet to stage an intervention. Step 2: Decide you will show your appreciation by showering, putting on some real clothes, and straightening up the house. Make plans to greet him at the door with an amazing dinner on the table. Lay out your perfect cute-but-comfy outfit.[Read more]

Bumpdate: Week 32

  Week 32: Baby Shower! How big is baby? Assuming he’s gaining around 1/2 pound every week, he should be a little less than 5 pounds now and around 19 inches long. Movement? Lots! He likes to stick out what is either a foot or a knee near my belly button. It’s such a cool feeling! Weight gain? Yes, sort of. I gained 8 pounds in two weeks. My doctor (and legs!) tell me it seems to be almost all fluid retention.[Read more]

Bumpdate: Weeks 27-29

Week 27: The Bump How big is baby? According to my apps, he should be around 2 pounds and 14 1/2 inches long. Movement? He had a lot of lazy days this week. I was pulling the doppler out quite a bit! Weight gain? Gained another 2 pounds, so I am up 6 from my starting weight. Stretch marks? Yes, they just keep coming. Gender? Still all boy! Any cravings? Nothing in particular, just very hungry. How am I feeling?[Read more]

Bumpdate: Weeks 25 & 26

Bumpdate! Weeks 25 & 26 | The Fun Part

Week 25: Glucose Tolerance Test & Follow-up Ultrasound with MFM My glucose test actually happened late in week 24. Man, it was difficult. My doctor does the 2 hour one standard due to false positives on the shorter one. I was so nauseated the entire time, and I felt like rubbish for the rest of the day. The good news is I passed, so that’s one less thing to worry about. At exactly 25 weeks we had our follow-up with the specialist to finish[Read more]

The Big Catch-Up Bumpdate: Weeks 12-24

Week 12: The Bump & NT Scan How big is baby? The size of a lime, at just over two inches long and half an ounce. Movement? Nothing yet. Weight gain? I’ve actually lost about three pounds. Maternity clothes? Yes! A pair of maternity shorts from Old Navy are my best friend. Still wearing normal shirts. Stretch marks? No new ones, but my existing ones are darkening and very itchy! Gender? I feel it could go either way. Definitely a[Read more]

Pregnant Again: Symptoms, Story, and Ultrasounds

On February 27th, after 5 days of testing entirely too early, there it was. The faintest of faint lines. Shaking, I immediately showed Mr. Man. “I think I see it!”. At least 65 more pregnancy tests, 10 blood draws, and 3 ultrasounds later, here we are. Today, I am 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant. We have named our newest little one Squirtle. Did I do anything different? My plan was to take it easy. I was basically out of ovulation tests (I[Read more]