37 Weeks Pregnant: How to Tidy the House and Dress Up for Your Husband


Step 1: Come to the gross realization you haven’t showered in a bit. Or changed out of your pajamas. Or put on deodorant. Take a moment to appreciate your saint of a husband who has yet to stage an intervention.

Step 2: Decide you will show your appreciation by showering, putting on some real clothes, and straightening up the house. Make plans to greet him at the door with an amazing dinner on the table. Lay out your perfect cute-but-comfy outfit.

Optional: Decide this will be an everyday occurrence. Spend 2 hours on Pinterest planning your “Stay at Home Mom Wardrobe”

Step 3: Begin aforementioned shower. Get distracted and take no less than an hour just enjoying it before almost forgetting to actually wash your hair.

Step 4: Get out of the shower feeling 400% more relaxed and 100% less motivated. Get dressed and brush out your hair.

Step 5: Start cleaning the house by making the bed. Notice how comfy the bed looks.

Step 6: Take a “quick” nap. Wake up at the sound of your husband walking in the door 3 hours later.


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