When the Waiting Room Becomes Home

Life sticks you in a waiting room. It’s cold and yucky and the chairs aren’t comfortable. You think to yourself, “we won’t be here long, I’m sure the time will fly by” So you bury yourself in your phone. You check Facebook, check your email, return a few calls, try to keep things business as usual. You check the clock, it’s not been long at all, though it feels like forever.

You finally pick up that gossip magazine. What else are you going to do? You stare at the receptionist every time she looks away. You practice crossing your legs the other way. You count the ceiling tiles. Check the clock again. Is it even working?

You’re not convinced. Back to Facebook, you see updates from old friends: “Just got out of our waiting room, on the first try!” “I said YES, to getting out of my waiting room!” “Packing boxes since he got promoted out of our waiting room.”

So you find new friends. They’re waiting too. Some of them for far longer than you. You try to be grateful. The clock ticks minutes, days, months away. Your nail polish chips away, the goal list you created last year sits dusty. There’s bags of stuff you brought with you, things you really need to work on. You can’t bring yourself to start.

You realize you might be here for a while. You don’t want to be here. This isn’t supposed to be a home. This wasn’t what you had planned. You keep trying, just a little longer, and it will be your turn. Your family asks where you’ve been. Friends, loved ones, strangers, they call with “advice”.

You’re stressing too much! It will come when it’s supposed to. Maybe this just isn’t for you.

Don’t listen to them. This will be yours. Your time is coming.

 I know you’re tired and impatient and uncomfortable. I know how much your heart and arms are aching. I’ve been there. I am there. Keep trying. Keep pushing. Keep doing.

It will happen.

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7 thoughts on “When the Waiting Room Becomes Home

  1. I have been in my waiting room for 7 years. I have been there so long that I have chosen to decorate it and furnished it. I appreciate it while I wait. The first 3 years, I felt trapped. Now, it’s where I find my comforter. It’s where I found how strong I am. It’s where I figured out how to fight. I totally understand where you are. Keep waiting. In the end, when you do get out of your waiting room, it will be so worth it! Keep waiting patiently.

  2. Powerful words hun. So many of my friends walked this road, some who never got to leave the waiting room and had to walk a different path than the one they had their heart on. But, I am so excited your story doesn’t end here. Will be praying for you and sweet baby. <3

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